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About the Residential Fellowships of IAS


IAS offers generous financial support to residential fellows (3 to 8 months in residence) and research fellows (more than 8 months in residence), who are domestically or internationally renowned scholars and brilliant young scholars with outstanding academic potential.


The program of residential fellows is now the priority of IAS. The institute sets aside a certain quota of residential fellows for an academic platform of fundamental questions in humanities and social sciences, to facilitate theoretical and methodological developments, and to further academic communications among humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Scholars from both home and abroad may become residential fellows by nomination or application.


IAS offers reliable academic and logistic support to fellows to guarantee the successful development of their research, including comprehensive services in book borrowing, interlibrary loan and delivery, a variety of academic exchange activities, monthly stipends, travel expenses, discounted accommodation, and other administrative and technical support. Residential fellows have no teaching obligations.


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