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Comparative Politics Reading and Discussion --Series 10 in Xiamen


ZHANG Xingang | Family and Polis : Antigone’s Politics of Friendship
ZHANG Hanmo | The New Interpretation to the 'Mawangdui' Geographical and Troop Garrison Map


SUN Yanfei | Empires and Tolerance on Religions


YANG Songtao | The Making of Litigation: Comparison of Resources of Judicial System inEarly Modern China and England


JI Zhe | France's Separation of Church and State in the Early Twenties Century and its Chinese Interpretation


LI Xinrong | From the Five Penalties to Institutionalized Prisons: Personnel and Construction of the Late Qing Capital Model Prison


CAO Jianguo | On the Collation of the Weishu — Collections of Mythological Accounts in Ancient China


LI Hongbin | Chinese Legitimism and Inner Asian Frontier : The Meaning of the Great Wall Area in the Northern China of the Tang
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