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ZHANG Xin: “Emerging Economies", State Capitalism, and World Order


Ashutosh Varshney: Electoral Vibrancy and Liberal Deficits: Democratic Theory and India


BIAN Dongbo: The Study of "Sino-graphic Sphere"


ZHANG Dewei: A Buddhist Sacred Site--Mount Jizu


YUAN Quan: Recasting Antiquity: Social Function and Cultural Connotation of the Container "Ding" since Song Dynasty


Lin Hung-Ming: Recent Research Achievements of Yin Xu Oracle Bones


ZJU-IAS Holds the Comparative Politics Book Reading and Discussion--Series 2


LI Longguo: New Remarks on the Imperial Coronation of Charlemagne


TANG Wen: Beyond Authentic History: The Manipulation of Historiography during the Reign of Empress Wu Zetian
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