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GUO Peng | Leisure as a Theme in Ancient Chinese Poetry Prior to the Era of Bai Juyi


Workshop on Study on Literature in Tang and Song Dynasties From the Integrative Perspective


LI Wenjie | The Empress Dowager's Reigning behind the Screen, the Emperor's Own Reigning and the Political Situation of Late Qing Dynasty — On the Design of Political System and Its Consequences


LIAO Yin | A Study on the Social Changes of Jingdong in the Northern Song Dynasty


Workshop on China's Experience in Cultural Diversity Protection


ZJU-IAS Holds 2016’s Second Academic Committee Meeting


LEE Kwong-kin | Academic Development after the Split Medieval China: A Study on the Unofficial Edited Bibliography during Sui Dynasty


HUANG Yingying | Sex Work and the Governance over Sexuality in the Transitional Chinese Society


ZJU-IAS Holds the First New Revolutionary History Workshop
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