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Application Guidelines for Residential Fellowships of IAS at Zhejiang University

Release Date: 2016/4/7 17:41:29


I. About the Project

The Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences (IAS) at Zhejiang University is an international academic research institute that covers all disciplines in humanities and social sciences with the mission of theoretical, fundamental and exploratory research, and is committed to advancing originality, excellence and diversity. To this end, IAS finances academic activities in two ways. First, it organizes and supports scholars from all around the world to reside in IAS for a certain period of research. Second, it sponsors high-level academic activities such as workshops, meetings and lectures.


The program of residential fellows represents the most important part of the first type of support. The institute aims at creating an academic platform for major fundamental questions in humanities and social sciences, advancing innovative research approach and thinking, and strengthening academic communication among humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Scholars from both home and abroad may become residential fellows of IAS by nomination or application. For IAS scholars, the residence generally lasts from three to nine months so that they have enough time to finish research or writing.


II. Services

1. IAS is located at Zhijiang Campus of Zhejiang University which is the oldest of Zhejiang University’s campuses. IAS is able to supply individual office space for every residential fellow to facilitate their research while in residence.


2. IAS provides residential fellows with university library cards and offers its interlibrary loan service. IAS will also try its best to meet the special needs of individual scholars with respect to library resources.


3. IAS makes great efforts to create spaces for interdisciplinary communication. IAS holds academic symposia every week for fellows to present and discuss their own research work. It also sponsors academic activities such as lectures and workshops to improve academic exchanges among scholars of the institute as well as with external scholars. In addition, IAS also offers lunch on every weekday so that scholars can communicate in a casual environment.


4. IAS provides logistical support for residential fellows. The institute provides a monthly stipend of 12,000 yuan to residential fellows and 10,000 yuan to junior fellows, as well as one economy class round- trip ticket from current work location to Hangzhou. At present, residential fellows’ apartments are located in Qiushi community across the street from Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University. Yuquan Campus is about a half-an-hour drive from the institute. University buses free of charge run between the campuses on workdays. Besides having its own cafeteria, the community is close to all the amenities on the north side of West Lake.


5. IAS works hard to provide residential fellows with the best logistical support possible, including internet, PC and other technical support.


III. Requirements

1. The residential program requires the applicants to have held their Ph.D. degree for at least four years (the summer program allows applications from scholars who have held their Ph.D. degree for at least two years). Preference is given to scholars from the humanities and social sciences, as well as scholars from natural sciences with cross-disciplining interests. If extenuating circumstances require, candidates may postpone their visits. Offers from IAS are valid for five years.


2. Fellows’ residence normally lasts from three to nine months. Summer residence may be shorter than three months, but the minimum requirement is two months. The specific date to reside in is usually determined in accordance with the date a certain school term begins or the date summer vocation begins at Zhejiang University, and information on the specific date will be given in advance. Scholars applying for residence during the spring term shall file an application before mid-September of the previous year; scholars applying for residence during the summer vacation shall file an application before late November of the previous year, and scholars applying for residence during the fall term shall file an application before March 1 of the same year. Application deadlines are quite flexible, and notice will be given in advance in case of any change.


3. Residential fellows are not asked to take on teaching responsibilities, but they are expected to spend most of their time in the institute during week days. We hope that the resources of the institute will be helpful to you, and expect that you spend the majority of your workdays taking advantage of your office at the institute. Accordingly, we hope that your attendance rate during your residential period will not be lower than 80% of workdays. To apply for leave days, a written application is needed to be submitted to the executive vice-director of IAS. Any leave of more than 5 consecutive work days is not allowed.


4. Residential fellows are expected to attend the weekly academic symposium at IAS and to, at least once during their stay, present a report of their research findings or preliminary results generated during their time in residence at IAS. Fellows are also recommended to participate in other academic activities organized by IAS (such as lectures, workshops, academic meetings and luncheons) as much as possible. Residential fellows should thank IAS in the acknowledgement section of published research developed during their period in residence and send a copy to IAS.


IV. Application

If you have any questions about the application process, feel free to reach out to IAS by email (


Application Guidelines for Residential Fellowships of IAS at Zhejiang University


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