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ZHAN Wenjie|The Episteme/ ἐπιστήμη of Plato

Release Date: 2018/3/9 11:03:10



The Episteme/ ἐπιστήμη of Plato

Lecturer:ZHAN Wenjie | Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Date & Time:9:30-11:00, Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Venue:Room 304, Building 4, Zhijiang Campus, Zhejiang University


Although "Episteme" could be loosely found in ancient Chinese, it is a philosophical term derived from the Ancient Greek word ἐπιστήμη, which refers to knowledge, science or understanding, and which comes from the verb ἐπίσταμαι, meaning "to know, to understand, or to be acquainted with". Plato used different words in different texts to express related concepts such as knowledge and cognition, and had quite detailed analysis on the nature of knowledge, the level and type of knowledge, and so on. Through rethinking the Episteme/ ἐπιστήμη of Plato, we may have a better understanding towards the core of western philosophy and science.


ZHAN Wenjie|The Episteme/ ἐπιστήμη of Plato

Ph.D. in Tsinghua University, Associate Research Fellow in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)

Research Interests: Ancient Greek Philosophy

Works: “Acquisition of Knowledge in Plato's Phaedo”, World Philosophy,Vol.5,2017

“Observations on “Expertise” in Plato's Early Dialogues ”


ZHAN Wenjie|The Episteme/ ἐπιστήμη of Plato

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