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【Internstional Workshop】Market, Politics and Society : Continuity and Transformation

Release Date: 2017/9/5 15:43:09


Market, Politics and Society : Continuity and Transformation

 Supported by Zhejiang University Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences and the University of Chicago Beijing Center

September 14-15, 2017

    Venue: Room 304, Building 4, Zhijiang Campus, Zhejiang University


Thursday, September 14th


8:45-9:00 Registration


9:00-9:15 Welcome and Introduction



9:15-10:45 Session 1 Chair: Shiding Liu 

Dingxin Zhao The Macro-historical Conditions of China's Economic Miracle


David Stark No Monopoly on Game Theory: Revisiting Postsocialist Pathways



10:45-11:15 Coffee Break



11:15-12:00 Session 2 Chair: Gary Herrigel


Zhenghan Cao, Guoqiang Feng and Xiaoming Zhang Decentralization and Property Rights Protection: the Vertical Constraint Mechanism and Its Presuppositions


12:00-13:15 LUNCH



13:15-14:45 Session 3 Chair: Tianbiao Zhu 

Gernot Grabher and Jonas König Embedding Disruption: A Polanyian Perspective on the Platform Economy


Bobai Li Gates, Walls, and the Dynamics of Chinese Marketplace



14:45-16:15 Session 4 Chair: Dingxin Zhao


Alex PredaThe Financialization of the Public Sphere


Elena EspositoThe Future of Prediction: Assumptions and Blindness of Algorithmic Forecast


16:15-16:30 Coffee Break


16:30-18:00 Session 5 Chair: Gernot Grabher


Yi-wen Yu China Inc.: the Business Group for Political, Economic and Social Network


Zong-Rong LeeKinship, Class and Political Cohesion among Business Groups in Taiwan



18:30 DINNER


Friday, September 15th


9:00-10:30 Session 6 Chair: David Stark


Gary Herrigel Experimentalist Systems in Manufacturing Multinationals: German Automobile and Machinery Examples


Wen Xie Competing Logics and Institutional Dynamics in Reforming State-owned Industrial Enterprises in China



10:30-10:45 Coffee Break



10:45-12:15 Session 7 Chair: Bobai Li


Jing Li Radicalism, Consensus and Paradigmatic Shift: Rethinking Chinese Rural Reform


Cheris Shun-ching Chan Coercive Morality? Network-based Exchanges of Favors in Hospitals in China



12:15-13:15 LUNCH



13:15-14:45 Session 8 Chair: Elena Esposito


Linzhuo Li Path Independence: The Bail-out and Reform of Rural Credit Cooperatives in China


Lu ZhangThe Coming End of the World’s Factory? Capital Mobility and Labor Politics in Present-Day China



14:45 Excursion


 旁听预约报名须知: 因场地容纳限制,本次会议采取预约报名制。前来参加旁听的人员请发邮件到, 并告知您的姓名、学院。报名截止日期是9月12日,人数上限20人,报名成功与否以收到的回复邮件内容为准。参会当天会根据您邮件报名的信息登记入场,没有报名成功的人员恕不能参加旁听,敬请谅解!

【Internstional Workshop】Market, Politics and Society: Continuity and Transformation


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