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LIU Qi | "Diqing Model": the Formation of a Pluralistic Society

Release Date: 2017/4/1 15:03:04



"Diqing Model": the Formation of a Pluralistic Society

 and its Social Mechanism



LIU Qi | East China Normal University


9:30 am,Tuesday, 11 April, 2017


Room 304, Building 4, Zhijiang Campus, Zhejiang University



Yunnan Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious region. For long, people of different ethnic groups and different religious beliefs have coexisted and built an inclusive pluralistic society.


This talk aims to summarize the "Diqing Experience", in which multi-ethnic, multi-religious groups coexist harmoniously, find out the causes for its formation, and to explore its implications for us. It is argued that the formation of this social ecology is not only related to the specific geographical location and historical process of the Diqing area, but also the support of specific social mechanism. Thus, the speaker tried to reflect on the traditional "ethnicity", and "nationality" concepts, and discuss the significance of "Diqing experience" for us to understand today's ethnic problems.


LIU Qi | Liu Qi is from Associate Research Institute of Anthropology, East China Normal University. Her main research interests are anthropological theories and methods, ethnic issues, China’s southwest regional studies and so on. Her works include: Life of History : Historical Ethnography of the Early Twentieth Century Deqin Politics , Migrant Workers' Churches on the City Verge : on "Charisma" , and so on


LIU Qi | "Diqing Model": the Formation of a Pluralistic Society and its Social Mechanism



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