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CHEN Zhen | How Can We Get Normative Knowledge?


ZHA Pingqiu | From the Imperial Examination Star “Magistrate BAI” to the Seclusive“Hermit of Xiangshan”: On the Evolution of BAI Juyi’s Image From Tang Dynasty to Song Dynasty


Comparative Politics Reading and Discussion--Series 5


【Interdisciplinary Seminar Series】XU Xiuli | Development Studies


【Interdisciplinary Seminar Series】LI Jing | Political Sociology


Comparative Politics Reading and Discussion--Series 4


【Workshop】The Fourth Political-merchant Relations


【Workshop】 From the Text to the Site: Archaeological Studies and the Southern Society of the Tang and Song Dynasties


LI Bin | Impacts of The 2008 Financial Crisis on World Order


【Workshop】 Review and Prospect of Studies on History of Religions in the Mid-ancient China
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