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YE Jing: The Politics of Changes in Budget Making


XU Xiuli: Cultural Encounter: Micro-level of Stories of China's Overseas Engagement


SUN Xiangchen: Continuous Creation in an Endless Succession: An Existential Analysis


YU Meifang: Review on Xin Xue Wei Jing Kao


HUANG Haifeng: Information from Abroad: Foreign Media, Selective Exposure and Political Support in China


ZHANG Xin: “Emerging Economies", State Capitalism, and World Order


SUN Yinggang: Roles of Buddhism in Shaping and Reshaping Medieval Chinese Civilization


Ashutosh Varshney: India's Democracy: Electoral Vibrancy, Liberal Deficits


BIAN Dongbo: The Study of "Sino-graphic Sphere"


ZHANG Dewei: A Buddhist Sacred Site--Mount Jizu
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