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People Case
MA Rong

MA Rong

Day 2016-12-30
Certificate introduce



MA Rong

MA Rong


Peking Univeisity





Room 206, Building 4, Zhijiang

Campus, Zhejiang University



Professor of Peking University. PhD in Sociology, Brown University (1987). Visiting scholar at Harvard University (1990-1991), Japan National Museum of Ethnology (1997), UCLA (2000), Duke University (2006), Taiwan Chung Hsing University (2013)


Main research interests: China's ethnic, population, and education issue.


Works: Population and Society in Tibet(1996), Population and Society in Contemporary Tibet(2011,Hong Kong University Press),The Application of Sociology, Ethnic Sociology : A Study on the Ethnic Relationship in Sociology, and so on.

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