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People Case

BIAN Shaobin

Day 2018-07-20
Certificate introduce



BIAN Shaobin

BIAN Shaobin


Shandong University


Philosophy of Marxism



Room 302A, Building 4, Zhijiang

Campus, Zhejiang University



Doctor of Philosophy in Jilin University, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor and Director in Ethics Research Lab of School of Philosophy and Social Development, Shandong University; undertaking and participating in multiple national and provincial scientific research projects.

Research Interest: Philosophy of Marxism

Works: Monographs such as Marx's Concept of Society have been published, and many papers have been published on domestic academic journals such asPhilosophy Researches, Morality and Civilization, Social Science Research andDongyue Tribune.

Zhejiang University Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences

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