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name: LIU Ji
Content: Name:LIU JiInstitution:The Institute for Public Policy Research, South China University of Technology  Interest:Political 310C, building 4, Zhijiang Campus, Zhejiang University  LIU Ji, is an Associate Research fellow at the Institute of Public Policy (IPP) at South China University of Technology. He is an alumnus of Peking University where he studied from 1998 through 2008. He obtained Bachelor Degree of Economics from the School of Economics, Master of Economics from the Institute of Population Research and Ph.D. from the School of Government. LIU Ji's research interests include pension policy and birth policy.Currently, he is doing research on the politics of Chinese population policies. He is the author of Class versus Gene...
Content: Name:ZHANG WeiweiInstitution:Soochow UniversityInterest:LawE-mail:zweizi623@163.comAddress:Room 208, Building 4, Zhijiang Campus, Zhejiang University   Ph.D. of Western Legal History of Thoughts and Ideology, Law School, Peking University. Associate professor, master tutor in Kenneth Wang School of Law at Soochow University. Publications on Peking University Law Journal, Reading, Peking University Law Review, Zhejiang Social Sciences and Xinhua Digest, etc.
name: ZHAO Minli
Content: Name:ZHAO MinliInstitution:Capital Normal University Interest:Ancient Chinese HistoryE-mail:zhaominli@solcnu.netAddress:Room 307, Building 4, Zhijiang Campus, Zhejiang University  Ph.D. in Social Sciences, Renmin University of China.  Research Interests: social sciences
name: YE Jing
Content: Name:YE JingInstitution:University of International Business and Economics Interest:Political ScienceE-mail:yejingpku@gmail.comAddress:Room 310C, Building 4, Zhijiang Campus, Zhejiang University     Ph.D. in political science, Peking University. Associate Professor in school of international relations at University of International Business and Economics. The author of Representation without Taxation: Political Changes in Chinese Authoritarian Regimes, The Political Logic of Changes in Local Fiscal Capacity in China, Soft Public Expenditure and Local Governance, etc. Research Interest: Chinese Political Economy
Content: Name:SHANG Yongliang Institution:Wuhan UniversityInterest:Ancient Chinese LiteratureE-mail:ylshang108@163.comAddress:Room 307, building 4, Zhijiang Campus, Zhejiang University     Ph.D. in Arts in Literature, Professor at Wuhan University and one of the specially-appointed professors of Cheung Kong Scholars. Publications on Literature Review, Literature Heritage and Literature & Art Studies, etc. The author of Relegation Culture and Relegation Literature. Research Interests: History and Literature of Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties
Content: Name:ZHANG GuangInstitution:Xiamen UniversityInterest:Political ScienceE-mail:gzhang85@126.comAddress:Room 209, building 4, Zhijiang Campus, Zhejiang University  ZHANG Guang, Ph.D. in Political science (Kent State University, 2002), Professor in School of Public Affairs at Xiamen University. Publications on Australian Journal of Public Administration,Asian Survey, Journal of Chinese Political Science, Open Times, Sociology Study, Cass Journal of Political Science, etc. Research grants from National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, China Development Research Foundation, Japan's International Exchange Fund Projects, and the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies. The author of Defending Tax Sharing System, Japan's Foreign Aid Policy Research and co-author of Deconstructi...
Content: Tenured Professor in the Department of Sociology at University of Chicago, Co-Director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences at Zhejiang University.  Research interests: historical sociology, social movement, social change, and economic development and democratization
Content: Name:LIU ZhenlunInstitution:Chinese Language and Literature department, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Interest:Ancient Chinese HistoryE-mail:liu_zhenlun@126.comAddress:Room 205, building 4, Zhijiang Campus, Zhejiang University    LIU Zhenlun is a Professor emeritus of Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan, China). Professor LIU has almost 40 years’ experience in teaching and research of classical Chinese literature and philology. He also serves as the Director of the Chinese Society of Literatures in Tang Dynasty, and Vice President of the Research Society of Han-Yu.  Over the course of his academic career, Professor Liu has published over a hundred papers on academic journals, as ...
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