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The Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences (IAS) at Zhejiang University (ZJU) is a pivotal interdisciplinary organization in ZJU. It is managed by the board of directors, the academic committee and an excellent team of administrative staff. The board is appointed by the university, while members of the academic committee are invited and appointed by IAS among global experts and scholars in humanities and social science.



I. The Board of Directors

The board members can nominate Director of IAS and veto it, and vote on major policies of the institute.


The Chairman, Vice Chairman and ordinary members of the board run for a term of 4 years. The Chairman is appointed by the Committee for Administrative Affairs of ZJU. The board are composed of no less than 15 people, and five of them shall come from Zhejiang University while the rest are invited from outside the university.


The council holds a plenary meeting every other year, hearing the director’s work report of IAS, and evaluates and offers criticism and suggestions regarding the development of IAS.



II. The Academic Committee

The committee is responsible for:

1. Setting principles and aims of IAS, and planning its academic development and academic activities;

2. Mastering initiation and evaluation of academic research projects;

3. Selecting residential visiting scholars and reviewing their research results.


The total number of academic committee members varies from 9 to 15, and all members must be leading experts and scholars from home and abroad who are representatives in a wide range of fields. A director is in charge of the committee whose appointment shall be approved by at least two thirds (inclusive) of all members. The committee holds two meetings every year which are effective only when at least two thirds of all members are present.


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III. Administrative team

IAS has an Executive Director to take charge of all daily affairs of the institute. She or he has a four-year term of office and can only serve for one more term. As needed in work, a vice director might be appointed to assist the Director and the Executive Director in administrative and liaison affairs. The appointment of the Executive Director and the vice director is proposed by the IAS Director and confirmed by the university’s Committee for Administrative Affairs.


The administrative team of IAS is comprised of assistant director, administrative assistants, academic assistants, and so on, and provides reliable services to all IAS fellows and various academic activities organized by the institute.


The team holds a meeting on institute administrative affairs at least once a month, summarizing and coordinating existing projects, as well as mapping out and arranging the forthcoming projects. An annual report shall be submitted every year, to be posted on the IAS website after approval of the board of directors and the academic committee.


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