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    Features: Application Guidelines for Residential Fellowships of IAS at Zhejiang University
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    2021 - 05 - 27
    YU Su | Existence of the Six Dynasty Epitaph Documents and Scheme of Collation
    2021 - 04 - 08
    WANG Zeke | Local Thought Resources for the Concept of Market Economy
    2021 - 04 - 08
    LI Jingkui | Science and 'Detective': Revolution of Causal Inference in Modern Economics
    2020 - 11 - 25
    NIE Shunxin | Life Story of A Sichuan Fleeing Household in the Early Eighth Century
    2020 - 11 - 16
    ZHANG Xingang | Politics, Civil Unrest and Fraternity: Ancient Greek Experience and Reflection
    Case /  Fellows
    案例名称: FENG Meng
    说明: Name:FENG Meng Institution:Shanghai Normal 202, IAS Villa 2, ZhijiangCampus, Zhejiang University  Doctor of Sociology, Beijing University. Associate Professor in Shanghai Normal University Research Interest: Economic sociology, Local government behaviorWorks: Essays on Sociological Study, Journal of Public Administration
    案例名称: GUO Yongbing
    说明: Name:GUO Yongbing Institution:Fudan 205, IAS Villa 2, ZhijiangCampus, Zhejiang University  Doctor of History, Fudan University. Associate Professor in Fudan UniversityResearch Interest: Palaeography, Chinese Classical Literature Works: Collection of Palaeography and Ancient Documents(2011), China in Nine Characters(2019)
    案例名称: HAN Weihua
    说明: Name:HAN WeihuaInstitution:Nanjing UniversityField:Western Intellectual HistoryE-mail:hwh771214@163.comAddress:Room 104, IAS Villa 1, ZhijiangCampus, Zhejiang University  Doctor of World History, Beijing University. Associate Professor in Nanjing University Research Interest: French Modern History, European Art HistoryWorks: From Radical Republic to Constitutional Monarchy: A Study of Benjamin Constant’s Political Thought (2015)
    案例名称: HE Zhaoquan
    说明: Name:HE Zhaoquan Institution:China Jiliang UniversityField:Ancient Chinese HistoryE-mail:hzqbridge@126.comAddress:Room 102, IAS Villa 3, ZhijiangCampus, Zhejiang University  Doctor of History in Zhejiang University, Professor in School of Humanities, China Jiliang UniversityResearch Interest: Geneology and Imperial family in Song dynastyWorks: Essays on History Studies, History of Historiography
    案例名称: LI Zhongwei
    说明: Name:LI ZhongweiInstitution:Zhejiang UniversityField:Foreign 102, IAS Villa 1, ZhijiangCampus, Zhejiang University  Doctor of Philosophy, Beijing University. Professor in Huaqiao University Research Interest: Phenomenology, Analytic philosophyWorks: Back to the Phenomenological Theory of Intentionality: Husserl VS Frege (2013) Essays on Comparative and Continental Philosophy, Social Sciences in China
    案例名称: LIN Tianren
    说明: Name:LIN Tianren Institution:Taipei Palace MuseumField:Historical GeographyE-mail:k4607@ms14.hinet.netAddress:Room 101, IAS Villa 3, ZhijiangCampus, Zhejiang University  Doctor of History in National Taiwan Normal University, Researcher in Taipei Palace MuseumResearch Interest: Pre-Qin Dynasty history, Ancient Chinese Maps
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