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案例名称: DENG Yunqing
说明: Name:DENG YunqingInstitution:Southwest UniversityInterest:Medieval Address:Room 310B, Building 4, ZhijiangCampus, Zhejiang University  Ph.D. in Wuhan University, Professor in College of History and Culture, Southwest UniversityResearch Interests: Medieval History, History of EnglandWorks: “The Reform of Ancient Universities and the Adaptation of University Traditions in England ”, World History, Vol.1, 2017“Poor Relief and Discipline: Bridewells in Transition of England Society in the Sixteenth Century ”, Journal of Historical Science, Vol.2, 2015
案例名称: HUA Linfu
说明: Name:HUA LinfuInstitution:Renmin University of ChinaInterest:Historical Geographical StudyE-mail:hualinfu@hotmail.comAddress:Room 306, Building 4, ZhijiangCampus, Zhejiang University  Ph.D. in Fudan University, Professor in College of History, Renmin University of ChinaResearch Interest: Chinese Historical Geographical StudyWorks: Chinese Toponymy(Hunan People’s Publishing House,2002), Research on Chinese Toponymy.
案例名称: Wang Chi-Lun
说明: Name:Wang Chi-LunInstitution:Taiwan Normal UniversityInterest:History of Chinese Address:Room 305, Building 4, ZhijiangCampus, Zhejiang University  Ph.D. in the Department of Chinese Literature, Taiwan University, Professor in the Department of Chinese Literature, Taiwan Normal University Research Interest: History of Chinese Literature, Ancient Chinese Prose, Literature of Tang and Song Dynasties Works : “Hermeneutics and Receptions on the Techniques of Chun Qiu Writing ”(Bulletin of Chinese. Vol. 39, 2006) “Writing Techniques and the Writing of Ancient Prose by Three Fathers of Tongcheng School: Fang Bao, Liu Da-kui, and Yao Nai”(Bulletin of Chinese. Vol.51, 2012)
案例名称: XIONG Ming
说明: Name:XIONG MingInstitution:Liaoning UniversityInterest:Chinese Biography Address:Room 308, Building 4, ZhijiangCampus, Zhejiang University  Ph.D. in Nankai University, Professor in Liaoning UniversityResearch Interest: Chinese Biography Literature, Ancient Chinese Novels and Literature, Literature in the Han and Tang Dynasties Works: “Biographies of the Six Dynasties& Literary Tales in Tang Dynasty”, Wuhan University Journal (Humanity Sciences), No.5 2001 “On the Typical Meaning of the Three Biographies of Emperor Wu and Strategies of Biography Writing”, Journal of Chongqing University (Social Science Edition) No. 5 2013
案例名称: ZHAN Wenjie
说明: Name:ZHAN WenjieInstitution:Chinese Academy of Social SciencesInterest:Ancient Greek Address:Room 302C, Building 4, ZhijiangCampus, Zhejiang University  Ph.D. in Tsinghua University, Associate Research Fellow in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)Research Interests: Ancient Greek PhilosophyWorks: “Acquisition of Knowledge in Plato's Phaedo”, World Philosophy,Vol.5,2017“Observations on “Expertise” in Plato's Early Dialogues ”
案例名称: Zhan Jing Vivian
说明: Name:Zhan Jing Vivian Institution:The Chinese University of Hong Kong 310D, building 4, ZhijiangCampus, Zhejiang University               Vivian Zhan is an Associate Professor of the Department of Government and Public Administration at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She received her BA in English and International Studies from Foreign Affairs College of China, and her PhD in political science from University of California, Los Angeles. Her research interests span comparative political economy, contemporary Chinese politics, and research methodology, with a focus on post-Mao reforms, intergovernmental relations and local governance. She is also interested in informal institutions and their impact on political and economic behaviours.
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